Capitals - Free Word Battle

Capitals - Free Word Battle 1.0.3

An addictive competitive word game

Capitals is a word battle game, where you compete against another person to control a board, by creating words on it.

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  • Easy to pick up
  • Ideal for travelling
  • Local and online game options
  • Competitive and rewarding


  • Opponent play animation is annoying

Very good

Capitals is a word battle game, where you compete against another person to control a board, by creating words on it.

Free online competitive word game

A free game, with some in-app purchases, Capitals is a compulsive and addictive game. If you enjoy Words with Friends, Scrabble or any casual word games, Capitals is worth your time.

The game board is made of hexagons, and two of them are yours and your opponent's bases. You have to expand your hexagon territory around your base by spelling words from the letters available on the board. Get close to your opponent's base, and you can attack it and win the game.

You can play online against your Facebook or Game Center friends who also have Capitals, or against strangers. There's even a local mode, so you can play with someone on the same screen.

Setting up a new online game is simple and fast - the only limit is that you start with three lives. These replenish after an hour, or you can purchase more in-game. You spend a life when you start a new game, so once you're playing three games, you have to wait an hour to start more.

Sensible in-app purchases

Playing online works very well - but you're of course limited by how fast your opponent plays their move. Capitals is therefore a game you'll pick up now and again during the day, as you receive notifications of your opponent's moves.

Capitals keeps track of your wins, losses, and your longest word. You can share this on social networks if you're particularly proud of your abilities!

There are more in-app purchases possible. You can pay to customize the game, giving you a different icon and color, increase your lives cap to five, or buy infinite lives. These aren't intrusive, though. You can easily play Capitals for free, without feeling terribly limited.

Play now, before your friends get on it

Stylish, easy to pick up, and competitive, Capitals has all the right ingredients for being the next smash hit viral game on iOS.

Capitals - Free Word Battle


Capitals - Free Word Battle 1.0.3

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